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The Neighborhood

The Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium (the "Neighborhood") is a space for Veterans and their families to locate businesses that are welcoming and supportive of them as customers, clients, patients, guests, stakeholders, employees, or members.

Many Veteran - focused organizations share statistics and information, but do not have resources to mitigate or solve challenges that Veterans and their families face. For organizations that provide a specific service, many are focused on the singular item and are not able to account for other aspects that also likely play a role in the health outcomes of Veteran and their families.

Large gaps exist between Veterans and their awareness, knowledge, and understanding of their benefits, resources, and services. These gaps limit their ability to access and utilize the help they need. The Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium exists to bridge Veterans to those who can meet their needs. The Neighborhood also provides a direct line for companies and organizations to build their consumer base through support of specific populations. Businesses from all industries that may interact with Veterans or that lend their support to the Veteran community are welcome to join the Neighborhood.


Neighborhood Benefits for Businesses and Organizations*

  • Increased visibility: space to showcase services or market events
  • Direct access to targeted consumers
  • Access to Veteran search data from
  • Veterans Health and Wellness
  • Foundation's Resource Search Tool
  • Find out what services, products, or information Veterans are looking for
  • Discounted speaker rates

  • Engagement tips for working with the Veteran population
  • Direct access to Veterans Health and
  • Wellness Foundation leadership
  • Inclusion in the Neighborhood directory
  • Business- to- business networking opportunities and virtual events exclusive to Neighborhood members

* Benefits may vary depending on membership level

The VHWF continues its efforts to grow and enrich the Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium who are aligned with our cause, purpose and belief that Americans must deliver on their promise to care for those men, women, and families who have borne the battle.

If you are not yet a Neighbor and your organization has an interest in a partnership with the Foundation, please complete our partnership contact form. We are excited to welcome you to the neighborhood and look forward to meeting you soon.

Neighborhood Partners