Four Strategic Pillars for Success

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


We educate civilian healthcare professionals about the unique healthcare needs of our Veterans and their families. In addition, we educate and provide health resources and service-connected healthcare benefits to Veteran communities.

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


We provide Veterans seeking trustworthy and credible resources, that may be difficult to locate, with more direct pathways to the information or persons needed to resolve their concerns.

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


We are committed to creating a world where Veterans and their families live healthily and well lives undiminished by their service-related health concerns. This means equitable healthcare for the Veteran community. The battles they fought for our freedoms in foreign lands should not transition to a fight for healthcare at home.

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


We are passionate about raising awareness regarding Veteran health concerns at all levels: locally, regionally, and nationally through our Flagship Programs, partnerships, and other pathways. Veterans and their families have a platform to enhance their voices where they know they can be heard.

VHWF exists for the purpose of addressing systemic inequities regarding access to and quality of care for Veterans and their families

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