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The Veteran Health and Wellness Foundation (VHWF) is a non-profit 501c3 charitable entity established by military Veterans with expertise in the area where health, wellness and healthcare delivery intersect with the social determinants of health and military culture. VHWF exists for the express purpose of addressing systemic inequities regarding access to and excellence in care provided by the Department of Defense, Veteran’s Health Administration of Civilian Healthcare Facilities to Veterans and their families.

Who We Serve

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


The Veteran is the heart and soul of our organization. They deserve supportive communities of people who know them, hear them, and see them in ways that hold true to their integrity and identity. Experiences of Veterans are often vastly different than that of their civilian neighbors so their voice needs to be adequately incorporated in health and wellness discussions and ultimately healthcare delivery.

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


Children, spouses, partners, parents and siblings make sacrifices too. It is not just the Veteran but the family unit that serves. Therefore, the unique needs of that family unity should be acknowledged and their needs addressed as well.

Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation


In order for Veterans and their families to be their best selves, they need receptive culturally competent community in which they can call home. Communities that are welcoming and supportive of Veterans and their families gives them a place where they feel at home. This provides an opportunity for them to live healthy and well lives, undiminished by their service related health concerns.


… extremely engaging presenter who most definitely captivated the entire audience providing anecdotal and statistical evidence to emphasize the importance of this topic and what it means for physicians…


…well organized and introduced problems facing the population of veterans and warriors…


…enjoyed this session because it presented the other major issues that are prevalent within veterans and the military outside of PTSD…


… very powerful and interesting presentations…


...very few places make an effort to teach how to interact with veterans and military members...this is something very valuable so that we don’t leave out an important group in society...


Support The Cause

Supporting the Veteran's Health and Wellness Foundation means standing on the front lines to address systemic inequities regarding access to and quality of healthcare for Veterans and their families. The men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our country and protect our freedom are counting on us. Partnering together, we can make a real difference for them. When you support VHWF, you are making it possible for thousands of Veterans and their families to live healthy and well lives undiminished by their service-related health concerns through our flagship programs.


Veterans Health & Wellness Foundation

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